Phobias of Flying & Driving, Public Transport

Logical reasoning doesn't help overcome a phobia, knowing for example that flying is the safest form of transport doesn't change the fact if someone is fearful. As we travel farther afield and transport becomes faster the number of people who experience phobias related to travel is increasing. Phobias are not restricted solely to people who have had a bad experience whether in a plane, by car or any other mode of transport even experienced drivers and pilots and air crew can develop phobias.

Having worked with a formula 1 racing driver who took a spin and developed anxiety for driving at high speed which obviously affected his performance I have seen even the best and bravest of us suffer as well as seen how quickly this can change with the right approach.

No matter how long you have been phobic nor how severe your fears there is a solution that will help you to become a safer traveller.

Check out the testimonial page where I share some feedback from just a few of the clients who now Live Phobia Free

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  • How Shirley who failed her driving test 36 times eventually passed on National TV


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