A brief overview of the techniques used to assist you with living phobia free

As I mention throughout this site there is no one magic bullet technique that works all the time for everyone. If there was I would have heard about it, trained in it and would be using it with everyone. A phobia is a learnt behaviour which is operating at the unconscious level (out of the conscious awareness and control) which is why conscious will power is ineffective in overcoming a phobia. The solution is to turn down the flight or fight response by communication with the unconscious mechanism.


There are a number of disciplines which do this very effectively. The combination of using these disciplines in a particular sequence is even more effective. The methodology I developed over 20 years uses different aspects from NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching and Psycho-sensory approaches and other disciplines. In this section learn a little about these approaches then simply email and arrange a conversation so we can discuss how you can be living phobia free like 1000's of others


NLP or Neuro Linquistic Programming is the study of human behaviour where we explore "how we do what we do."

It is a particularly effective approach to working with phobias and understanding how our thinking and emotions interact and how our behaviours and habits work.

Many techniques used to deal with phobias come from the field of NLP even though some people fail to give credit to the originators.

For over a decade I was head assistant to Dr Richard Bandler (co creator of NLP) and had responsibility for the training of practitioners, master practitioners and trainers in the UK.

In 2007 I was awarded the certification of NLP MASTER Trainer for services to the profession.

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Hypnosis is an altered state within which we are able to communicate with the unconscious part of the mind and make changes to the way we think and behave.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state which we all enter into when we daydream, drive a car, read a book and do other everyday trance like behaviours.

The combination of NLP and hypnosis is particularly effective for changing behaviours such as phobias.

When you book your Living Phobia Free programme you will be given a gentle meditation trance so you can become familiar with the relaxing nature of hypnosis.

If you want to experience hypnosis you can hear samples and purchase downloads by visiting my website 




Psycho Sensory techniques involve eye movements and  occasionally physical touch to change the neural patterning of behaviours in the neurology.

There are a number of well known interventions such as TFT (know as tapping), EMDR and Havening.

The effectiveness of psycho sensory techniques varies and most evidence of their effectiveness is anecdotal and results vary depending upon the skill and experience of the practitioner to use the interventions correctly. 

Over the years I have trained with most of the creators of the interventions including Dr Roger Callaghan and Dr Ron Rudin and there are a number of approaches and elements which I have incorporated into NLP techniques and delivered using hypnosis making them very effective at changing beliefs, states and behaviours.

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Transformative coaching is a blend of a number of different coaching approaches it includes:


Provocative Coaching - an approach which can quickly lead to a change in beleiefs and behaviours 

3 Principles - an approach first used by Syd Banks which describes the relationship between mind, though and consciousness.

NLP Coaching - using NLP models to define were a client is, what they desire, what's stopping them - how to stop what's not working for them and how to create new behaviours which are relevant and lasting.

The multi disciplinary approach of provocative, 3 principles and NLP coaching is particularly effective especially for someone who believes they are stuck and can't change.

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