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Agoraphobia and Claustrophobia

Of all the phobia group which seems to have the biggest negative impact on a persons life the spatial phobias win hands down. Although most people use avoidance to deal with their phobias for anyone suffering with agoraphobia or claustrophobia avoidance can often mean feeling stuck at home and unable to go out and live a fulfilling meaningful life.

If you have been suffering and unable to get out or about or your travel is limited then please be assured there is respite and there is help. Over the nearly 20 years I have been coaching I have met and worked with a number of people with extreme chronic phobias including people housebound for 8, 15 and on one occasion even 40 years. For all chronic long term sufferers I ask them to book in for the Living Phobia Free Breakthrough Programme and to also budget for a second programme in case we need the extra work time. 

Home Visits Can Be Arranged

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