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Living Phobia Free – Fear of Public Speaking - #2 Imagine the possibilities

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

In this video series “Living Phobia Free” I will be covering tips, techniques, observations and sharing information about overcoming a wide range of phobias and fears.

In the second of the series; I begin by looking at the motivation to want to change, and why living with the fear of public speaking or simply avoiding dealing with the phobia is all part of the problem. I also look into how to get yourself motivated to change and willing to take action.

fear of public speaking - imagine the possibilities

Every now and then people stumble over the truth; they find the solution they have been looking for to a problem they can’t resolve on their own. Yet they are often so busy, being busy they simply pick themselves up, brush themselves down and stumble on again. In other words they do a search, find a website and bounce off without a seconds thought.

Phobias and in particular a fear of public speaking is a perfect example of this phenomena, and it’s what a lot of visitors do when searching for solutions.

After all a fear of public speaking isn’t a big deal really is it? If you’re not sure if you have found a valid solution it’s easy to ignore it and move on and just simply continue to avoid the problem all together; at least until the next time you are forced to face your fears. At which time the worry machine kicks in, and the search starts all over again.

Fear of public speaking, unlike a phobia of doctors or dentists (which can have real life, harmful effects to your wellbeing and should never be avoided for too long) if you avoid talking up, speaking up or presenting to a group no one is going to die are they?

Which is good news really; because in research the fear of public speaking comes out ahead of a fear of death.

What also comes out of the research is that a fear of public speaking and the avoidance strategy is a career-limiting move. It reduces earnings potential by about 15% and puts a false ceiling on career advancement and job prospects. Watch this video to see how to live phobia free with ZERO LIMITS!


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