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Living Phobia Free – Fear of Public Speaking – #8 The secrets to self confidence - part one

I have lost track of the number of people who say things such as

“I lack self confidence”

“I don’t have enough self esteem”

From my observations I have never seen anyone steaming and have you noticed that when people say they lack confidence they say it with total confidence, how interesting is that?

People leave clues to the solutions to their problems if you pay close attention to what they are saying, and are curious enough to find out the meanings behind the words.

In the previous episode #7 I gave an overview of how to run your brain by noticing what you are thinking that isn’t working for you and to STOP IT. Lack of confidence, self-esteem, self worth etc, are all great examples of where people are doing what isn’t working for them.

Let me explain.

Believe you are OKAy and all will be OKAY

It’s not that anyone lacks confidence or self-esteem, the problem is they are undermining their own confidence and self esteem with their own negative thinking. If they stop doing that then they will be OKAY. Being okay is so undervalued.

If you just feel okay about who you are and what you do then things are simply – OKAY! And okay is a whole lot better then feeling crap is it not?

The first secret to self-confidence is to not undermine the way you feel about yourself with your own negative thinking. In this episode I will show you some simple yet very effective ways to do just that, to stop doing what isn’t working for you.

The second secret to self-confidence is to build up competency in whatever you want to do. If this is for public speaking then you practice in your imagination first before doing it for real. There is a knack and approach for doing this and doing it well, that I will teach in the second part of this episode.

Self-confidence is the sum result of you feeling OKAY and you being COMPETENT and both are habits you can learn.


In this video series “Living Phobia Free” I will be covering tips, techniques, observations and sharing information about overcoming a wide range of phobias and fears. In this episode I look at the principles behind self-confidence how to build it and how to build your competency at speaking in public


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