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Living Phobia Free – Fear of Public Speaking – #7 Running your brain for a change

When someone says “I don’t see myself doing that” it means a lot.

It tells you that whatever they are thinking, they aren’t thinking about the activity they would like to do.

This is important! A thought precedes ALL activities.

You think of having a cup of coffee before going to get one, you think about a destination before heading off, you think about phoning someone before picking up the phone.

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Thoughts priced all activities - learn to think what you want - not what you don't want

Now imagine someone with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) for washing his or her hands. They have a compulsive desire to wash their hands, even if they know they have just done so. This is a great example of someone having a thought (albeit one they don’t want) and feeling compelled to do the activity, often over and over again, and even to the point where there hands are chapped and bleeding.

The solution to this disorder is quite simple; teach the brain to stop giving them the repetitive thoughts. It’s simple when you know how to do this.

So what has this got to do with phobias and a fear of public speaking in particular?

Everyone who has a fear of public speaking worries before the event. They have thoughts about how awful it will be, how they could freeze up, have a croaky voice etc etc.

The worrying thoughts precede the activity and the body responds accordingly.

If you have been struggling with or suffering from a fear of public speaking, this will no doubt sound familiar to you. The solution is as simple as dealing with OCD (when you know how), which is to stop the thoughts.

This process is called pattern interrupting.

You interrupt the thoughts you don’t want (which happen automatically, unconsciously) again and again UNTIL the neurology of the brain begins to re-wire and re-organise. Only then do you put in the new thought patterns (emprinting), the ones which you do want, and you do this by repetitively imagining what you do want UNTIL the new neurological patterning is in place and reinforced.

So instead of saying “ I don’t see myself doing that” say to yourself and imagine seeing yourself “doing it and doing it well”

After all it is your brain is it not? And once you learn to have it run the way you want, the next thing to imagine is what else can you change for the better?

In this video series “Living Phobia Free” I will be covering tips, techniques, observations and sharing information about overcoming a wide range of phobias and fears.


In this episode I look at the principles behind changing the way you think so instead of imagining things going wrong and being surprised when this happens you learn to not do that so that you are running your brain for a change. In other episodes of this series I will share with you techniques for both pattern interrupting and emprinting new and more resourceful patterns.


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