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Living Phobia Free – Fear of Public Speaking – #6 Overcoming self doubts

In this episode of the playlist Fear of Public Speaking; I get those who want to overcome a fear of public speaking to challenge their own doubts using some powerful questions. I share a powerful and really cool technique for changing a limiting belief..

fear of public speaking 006
Always doubt your own doubts

Have you ever noticed that when people doubt themselves they do so with confidence?

People often say “I lack confidence”and they say it with total conviction and confidence. Much the same way that people who procrastinate always do their procrastination straight away, they never put it off do they?

Hmmmm something’s to think about

One of the keys to overcoming a fear of public speaking or any phobia is to doubt your doubts about your abilities. Ask yourself the question “Have you ever been wrong?”If the answer is “YES!”as I suspect it will be for most (read all) people then doubting your ability to be able to speak in public with confidence can join the list of other times you were wrong.

One of the things I noticed years ago about phobic’s is that most clients doubt what they can do. This is understandable because not only will many have tried things and been unsuccessful; but because they spend a lot of time worrying and planning ahead for things to go wrong, their bodies are often awash with the chemistry of fear. Stress and fear chemistry change our perceptions and are designed to have us look out for problems and be cautious.

One way to change self-doubt (which doesn’t help anyone move on from a problem) is to realize that your thoughts are just that…thoughts and nothing more.

They are not real, they are not fixed and they need not be believed.

Having a belief in anything, is never a problem unless it’s a belief, which limits or holds you back and even then it’s not a problem unless you actually believe it so don’t!

What’s very human is that people will defend and even fight or die for their beliefs even if they are wrong, when it comes to overcoming a fear of public speaking become aware of any beliefs you have about your own lack of self worth and ask yourself these two questions, take time to reflect upon them.

“What would life be like if I didn’t believe my own doubts?”


“Who would I be without these doubts?”

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