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Living Phobia Free – Fear of Public Speaking – #4 The chemistry of fear

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

In this episode of the playlist fear of public speaking; I begin by looking at how you can quickly re-label the physical symptoms you experience when speaking in public and how to begin to notice when you are doing negative self hypnosis so that you don’t!

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Avoid giving yourself suggestions which make you feel worse

“Let me explain what happens when I think about talking in a meeting or giving a presentation….my stomach gets butterflies, my heart begins to pound out of my chest, I feel myself getting warm and my palms go sweaty and my mouth goes dry, I feel desperate for a pee, my voice begins to croak and I just know I am going to forget my words”

I have lost track of the number of people who have tried to tell me about their physical symptoms when they think about public speaking.

Tried, is the operative word here because I always stop them. After all in the coaching room, I’m the professional hypnotist and not them. I have been tempted to print up a diploma certificate in self-hypnosis for all clients who come to see me to overcome a fear of public speaking. It should read


Passed with a distinction

Module One:how to feel bad ahead of time

Module Two:how to misdiagnose physical symptoms

Module Three:how to use self-hypnosis to feel awful.

Okay perhaps it wont be the most “in demand” course I’ve ever run, but at least the people who attend will have done their homework. Every single person will be fully proficient and competent in all modules, they will have done the work.

The physical symptoms we all experience to a greater or lesser degree are natural changes whenever we experience any new situation. You physically get ready for driving a car, sitting in your lounge to watch TV, commuting to work. Your unconscious system gets ready for what it perceives you are now about to do.

In another video I talked about how your unconscious mind had to have learnt that an object, activity or situation had the potential to be scary. If your mind has labeled presenting, as something to be fearful of, it will get you ready for evasive maneuvers.

Blood will move from the intestines to the legs, heart rate will rise slightly, and you will need to pee because these are all natural physiological responses to a new and potentially challenging situation.

HOWEVER…. Scanning your body to notice what else has changed will only do two things.

Firstly, bring it to your attention and secondly if you start describing the symptoms to yourself and then wondering what is going on they will tend to rise as you get more stressed.

You have passed module two and three of the diploma with flying colours.

And of course one of the reasons modules two and three worked so well in the first place, is because you will have completed module one. Most people with a fear of public speaking, invest hours of time wondering how bad they will feel when they actually present and by so doing, they are preparing ahead of time to feel bad; and then being surprised when what they imagined actually happened. A skillful and masterful misuse of self-hypnosis!


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