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Phobias of Needles, Doctors, Dentists, Blood, Germs, Illness, white coat syndrome & emetophobia

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The category of "medical phobia"s can have the most negative impact of peoples lives compared to other categories if a persons health depends upon medical care. The common solution to most phobias is avoidance which can lead to people seeking medical advice too late or being unwilling or even unable to attend a doctor or medical practitioner.

I am personally aware of the effect a medical phobia can have because as a young boy I had an unfortunate experience at the dentist which meant It was 20 years before I went again. The truth was he said it wouldn't hurt and it did and he hit me first. I eventually overcame my phobia and now am able to have dental work done without anaesthetic using hypnosis.


My wife and I while undergoing IVF discovered she had a needle phobia and using some of the techniques I now teach other coaches, was able to help her overcome her phobia so I could give her the injections.


Whatever your phobia, avoidance will only be a strategy for so long before you have to deal with the fact that at some time in our lives we all need medical care. Let's make it so you are calm and relaxed so you can be healthy and Live Phobia Free 

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Watch the videos to learn more about how to live phobia free and download a free hypnotic meditation

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