Phobias of Meetings, Presentations & Giving Speeches

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Stand up in front of a group and 3 out of 4 people will be nervous. Not all will have phobias some will just feel uncomfortable others terrified. A phobia of presenting, a fear of public speaking, or Glossophobia is one of the most common phobias.


There are a number of theories why this phobia is so common. Firstly it can be learnt when we are young and asked at school to stand in front of a crowd (our friends) read aloud and when we make a mistake they giggle or laugh and the brain then associates standing up in front as an unpleasant event or situation. Another theory is most predators when they hunt fix their gaze on their prey so when in front of an audience who seem to stare at us the brain goes into "flight or fight" thinking we are on the menu! 


Whatever the theory is - in practice it's an unpleasant phobia as I know from personal experience. One of the reasons I became a coach was because I had a fear of public speaking and wanted to change it. Which I successfully did and now regularly present and train large groups and have appeared on National TV on 20 occasions and done over 40 radio interviews. If I can change so can you.


For those who don't have a phobia but are just anxious before meetings or presentations we can deal with the anxiety first and then move into some simple yet very effective presentation skills that will improve your confidence and your communications.


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