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A number of Phobias which may seem connected or appear to have no relationship

Some people find that they are fearful of a number of different events and situations the term for this is a "complex phobi" meaning its not a complicated process to treat them but it's the relationship between the different phobias which seems complex.


A complex phobia is created after someone first experiences an event or situation which the mind perceives as being a threat, the protection mechanism known as "flight or fight" goes into action and a phobic response is learnt. The human mind is a great learning machine and the protection mechanism can seem to spread to other often seemingly unrelated situations or events. What in fact is happening is the learning machine (unconscious mind)  learns that other events and situations are similar so it puts them into the category of "other things to be fearful of".

The relationship between the various phobias may not be evident to the person who is experiencing them nor even to the practitioner who is helping them to overcome their phobias - but it is evident to the protection mechanism which is why when working with complex phobias hypnotherapy is particularly effective as it's a means of communicating to the unconscious mind. The treatment is to teach the flight or fight mechanism to downgrade its reactions and to do the same for ALL of the "other things to be fearful of". 

When working to clear one phobia the unconscious mind (learning machine) then learns to clear the other phobias.  So the great news is that no matter how many phobias you have they can all be treated and many clients find as one phobia is cleared others seem to simply fade away also. 

Some clients do require a number of sessions in order to clear the stress chemistry from the system which may have been building up over years.


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