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Phobias of critters large and small

The strange picture to the left is there because many people with phobias are unable to even see pictures (and in some cases even the written word) so it would be cruel to surprise anyone with a picture of the critter they are phobic of. Which is why I won't be mentioning any names of animals here either.


Because most phobics reactions are to be terrified most of the TV work I have done involves working with people with animal phobias simply because it makes good TV.


The most important thing to be aware of is whether on TV on a live training with a demonstration subject, or in the coaching room' at no time do we subject a person to the animal they are phobic of while they are still fearful. On TV or on a training, the testing is done after the work has been done and the person is no longer fearful. For private clients the testing is always done by yourself when you will feel comfortable and at a rate and speed that works for you. Check out testimonials from past clients WARNING critters names are mentioned there.


No matter what the critter is whether large or small, email to arrange a no obligation conversation so you can learn how to Live Phobia Free