Before you select someone to work with it's understandable for you to want to know more about who they are, their experience, their credentials and whether they are the right person for you.

Below I have summarised just some of the training qualifications and experience I have. Since 2000 when I first started coaching I have been privileged to work with over 7000 clients on a 1-2-1 basis so no matter who you are or what your phobia is we will get along, because my first aim is always to put you at ease so you can relax and fully commit to the change process. I also understand many will be nervous about the work we will do so if you need any further reassurance please do check out the FAQ page where I answer the commonly asked questions and when you call to book your sessions you will be able to ask any questions you may still have.

Here are the recent years with just some of my career highlights in summary:

  • Created a 1-2-1 practice focussing on problem resolutions including: addictions, phobias, obsessive behaviours, depressions, stress.

  • Developed the practice into working with generative changework, wealthy mindsets, confidence & motivation, peak performance.

  • Assistant to Dr Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna on their UK NLP, Hypnosis trainings from 2003.

  • Assisting Paul McKenna on his London Hypnotic stage shows.

  • Head Assistant to Dr Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, John LaValle and Michael Neill till 2010. Responsible for selecting, managing and training the UK NLP assisting team.

  • Awarded title of MASTER TRAINER of NLP in 2007 by Dr Richard Bandler.

  • 2007 - 2009 TV appearances in “The Paul O’Grady Show” and “The New Paul O’Grady Show” demonstrating a series of phobia cures with viewers.

  • Radio appearances for BBC radio specialising in overcoming fear and phobias.

  • 2008 Consultant specialist in Fear for UK release of Stephen Kings film “IT” and 3D film Coraline.

  • Developed a private coaching practice focussing upon performance excellence.

  • Sports coach to Formulae 1 racing team (world champions), Olympic medal athletes, golfers,rugby players, tennis and poker professionals.

  • Director of Aventesi – training company specialising in training professional therapists and coaches from 2008 till 2014. Offering Certification courses in NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis and Specialist MasterCLASS certifications in Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Phobias & Anxiety, Mind Body Healing.

  • Ran a London based practice group the NLP MasterCLASS from 2008 till 2014

  • 2007 to present date developed Protege programme a by invitation only programme for entrepreneurs and coaches.

  • 2009 Certified Firewalk Instructor

  • Assistant to Michael Neill (SuperCoach Academy) 2011 in New York and 2012 in Santa Monica California.

  • Assistant to Paul McKenna and Michael Neil for their “Life Transformation” workshops in Hollywood and Kensington

  • 2014 Co-Presented with Paul McKenna “Life Transformations” in UK.

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