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If you are suffering with a phobia and wondering if anything can be done and who can help then you have come to just the right place. My name is Steve Crabb and with nearly 20 years experience specialising in working with people suffering from phobias and having worked personally with thousands of clients, one thing I have learnt is that amazing changes are possible if you are willing to explore new possibilities.


Just Imagine - what life would be like when you are living phobia free!


Watch this short video which answers the key questions people have about phobia treatment and

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Living Phobia Free - how it works.


STEVE CRABB - NLP Master Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Transformative Coach, Author


A phobia is a reaction to a perceived threat. It's an unconscious behaviour described as a "flight or fight" response. The solution to dealing with any phobia is a multi disciplinary approach using a range of cutting edge psychological techniques to re-educate and retrain the mind and body to downgrade the flight or fight experience so the person instead of feeling fear instead feels comfortable with the situation or event that they were once phobic of.


There is no one solution magic bullet approach to treating phobias which works every time for everyone. There is however a solution for everyone no matter how long they have had a phobia or how severe their phobic reactions have been


Since 2000 I (Steve Crabb) have specialised in working with phobia sufferers; and have helped 1000's of clients overcome phobias and also trained 100's of coaches, therapists and consultants in how to work with clients using the methodology I have developed ,which incorporates aspects of NLP, Hypnotherapy, CBT and a number of other disciplines. Learn more about the Techniques used 

In a Phobia Clearing Session which lasts for 2 hours it is possible to treat most phobias. In fact it's possible to treat some phobias much quicker. Sessions can be either face to face or held online if you live out of London or are overseas. Online sessions are as effective as face to face. Check out the Programme Rates page for more details.


Check out the "Testimonials" section where I share examples of phobias treated on TV (Paul O'Grady) and feedback from just a few of the many people who are now free of their phobia. 

Read the FAQ page or watch the introduction video where I answer most of the key questions people seeking solutions for a phobia ask such as:

  • “What's wrong with me why do I have a phobia?”

  • "Can my phobia be treated?” 

  • “Will the phobia treatment work and will it last?”

  • “Will I be forced to face my phobia?"

  • What will it cost?


The next thing to do then is email and let's talk . We start by having a no obligation conversation to see how you can join the 1000's of others who now live phobia free.


Check out these groups of phobias which cover most of the common phobias people seek assistance for. If your phobia is not mentioned that doesn't matter, because it will certainly be something I will have worked with previously and even if it is a rare or unusual phobia it can still be treated the same way as all the common phobias listed. Most of the Phobia groups have all been treated on TV and certainly in a consulting room.


Throughout this website any references given are for comparisons to illustrate what is possible. As every client is different they are not claims and it is important to be aware that individual results may vary.


Read up about how to make your phobia a thing of the past and then LETS TALK!

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Phobias of Flying & Driving, Public Transport

As we travel further afield and faster then ever, more people are becoming phobic of travelling. Whether it's a flying phobia, or a phobia related to driving or any other means of transportation including escalators and lifts; these types of phobias can severely restrict peoples abilities to get on with their lives if left un-treated.


Many find that there are only so many ways to avoid facing the phobia before a situation arises where they are forced to take a flight, go on a motorway or cross a bridge.

Avoid having to face the fear by dealing with the phobia so you are free to comfortably come and go as you please.

Learn more about how you can live free from your phobia and when you are ready to make it a thing of the past. LET'S TALK


Phobias of Meetings, Presentations & Giving Speeches, Speaking Up.

One of the most common groups of phobias relate to a fear of public speaking. This can be in the form of social groups, giving a presentation or being part of a meeting and include groups from 1 to 1000's!

These performance phobias can severely limit people at work and in their private lives. Preventing people from progressing at work and in some cases can lead to people withdrawing from social settings completely. I personally know how limiting this type of phobia can be as I (Steve) used to suffer from a fear of public speaking myself until I learnt how to overcome it. I now regularly present to large groups and have made numerous TV and radio appearances.

Learn more about how to live free from this phobia and feel comfortable and at ease or if you are ready to change now then LET'S TALK

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Phobias of Needles,Doctors, Dentists, Blood, Germs and Illness

The first place most people with phobias seek advice and assistance from is with their doctor, however there are many people who are phobic of doctors. This can often leave people with no place to go for help.


For some people medical phobias can even be life threatening if it prevents them from seeking medical advice or taking prescribed medications.

Learn More about the medical related phobias that can be treated and when you are ready to Live Phobia Free LET'S TALK


Phobias of critters large and small

There are NO photos of animals used on this website because for some phobics even an image can cause distress.

Although many people with animal phobia's simply cope by avoidance; even this strategy can impeded a great quality of life if there is a fear of going outdoors.

Learn More about the range of animal, bird, reptile and insect phobias that can treated and when you are ready to live phobia free LET'S TALK

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Agoraphobia and Claustrophobia

A phobia related to space either open or enclosed spaces can often leave sufferers feeling trapped in their own homes for fear of leaving or fearful of any situation where they feel enclosed and unable to escape or cope. These phobias are particularly challenging to live with and severely impair a persons quality of life.

Fortunately there is hope, having worked with clients who have been housebound for 8, 15 and even 40 years the breakthrough programme was all that was needed to give them their lives back.


Home visits can be arranged for those unable to travel.


Learn more about how I deal with spatial phobias and then e-mail for a no obligation conversation to see how you can live phobia free Let's Talk 


A number of Phobias which may seem connected or appear to have no relationship

Sometimes a person who has developed a phobia of a particular, event or situation finds that their fears start to become related to other often seemingly unrelated events and situations. It often feels like the phobia is growing seemingly out of control for no rational reason.

Read this section to learn how this happens and how the Living Phobia free programmes can work for you helping you to live phobia free no matter what or how many things you are phobic of.

The great news is that no matter how many phobias you have they can all be treated and many clients find as one phobia is cleared others seem to simply fade away also.

Once you have read this section Learn More then simply email to arrange a conversation so we can discuss how to live phobia free. Let's Talk

“Using Hypnosis, NLP and Transformational Coaching to make the impossible seem possible the possible seem easy and the easy so it becomes natural and effortless, leaving you to live your life PHOBIA FREE!”

Steve Crabb 



Contact today to discuss your phobia and find out how we can work together so you can live phobia free. We ask all clients to discuss their phobias with us before booking their sessions. Please note I may be working with clients so do leave a message and either I or my colleague Roberto will contact you as soon as we are free.

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